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Writing Good Sales Copy

Writing Good Sales Copy
Learning to write good sales copy isn’t something you can learn by reading a quick tutorial – it takes practice.  Although you probably won’t turn into a world-famous copywriter overnight, there are a few tips you can use to increase the response from your sales letters.
The first thing you should learn is that the headline is (almost) everything.  If your headline is terrible – or worse - boring, most people won’t even read the rest of your sales letter.  A headline needs to be exciting, enticing, and intriguing. 
It needs to grab the attention of your visitor quickly. Your headline might have shock value, ask a compelling question, or be the beginning of an extremely interesting story.  “Six months ago, I was living on the streets of L.A., homeless after my Adjustable Rate Mortgage soared so high I couldn’t make the mortgage payments, but now I’m living in a sky-rise apartment twenty stories up that I paid seven figures for…”
This makes the reader want to k…

Wielding Your Viral Marketing Prowess

Wielding Your Viral Marketing Prowess
You’ve probably heard a lot about viral marketing campaigns.  You may be wondering what exactly it means for something to “go viral.”  Well, you know how viruses spread, right?  They pass from person to person and continue on and on for a very long time. 
Viral marketing campaigns work in much the same way.  The marketing piece spreads through word-of-mouth, as people tell other people about it. Viral marketing can come in many forms.  On the Internet, viral campaigns are typically in the form of videos or reports, but they may also come in the form of audio or images. 
Video is probably the most viral of the various media methods, because people seem to get more excited about videos.  But text reports can also go viral very quickly if the information contained in them is exceptional. 
The best forms of viral marketing give away extremely valuable information for free.  If you promote a dog training guide, create a short precious video about po…

Where to Find the Best Freelancers

Where to Find the Best Freelancers
There are so many places where you can hire freelancers, that it may be confusing.  Where you go will depend on what it is you need done.  Forums are one great place to find freelancers.  Websites like are teeming with freelancers who need work and are willing to work at great prices for the members. 
Hiring people through forums has the added benefit of being a place where you can look around to see a person’s reputation before you hire them.  You can search the forum for their name to see if anything negative has been said about them, and to see if any positive remarks have been made.
You can also make a post on a forum and ask for recommendations.  You can post something like, “I’m looking for a good graphics designer who works quickly and charges a fair price.  Who do you recommend?”  You’ll probably get a number of recommendations, as well as a few private messages from freelancers who want to work for you.
Elance is a very pop…

What's the True Cost of Outsourcing?

What's the True Cost of Outsourcing?
So many new marketers are reluctant to outsource, because they don’t like spending the extra money.  They think it would be a waste of cash to pay someone else to perform tasks they can do themselves.  But that thinking is very flawed.
The top marketers you know today have teams to help them go from the conception of an idea to a product launch.  But before they could afford a staff, they used freelancer to outsource the more insignificant tasks while they worked on building a bona fide business.
Name just about any millionaire or billionaire in the world and chances are, that person has employees or outsourcers who take care of the vast majority of their work.  It’s nearly impossible for one person to grow a business to the seven figure range or greater by themselves.  It can be done, but it would require a level of dedication that very few individuals possess.
Try to think about outsourcing in terms of the money you deserve to be paid.  What …

What Graphics Do You Need in Your Toolbox

What Graphics Do You Need in Your Toolbox?
Almost every marketer needs graphics.  Many graphics are available pre-made.  You don’t necessarily need to have every single graphic customized for your use only.  Some graphics should always be custom made, but others can easily be stock material.
If you’re making sales pages of any kind, there are a few types of graphics you should almost always have.  You don’t necessarily need a header and footer, but you can’t get away with having no graphics at all.  Some of them are absolutely essential!
The most important thing you need if you’re selling an eBook, software package, membership site, or other digital products is a good eCover.  This will have to be customized with your product name.
A good eCover graphic lends credibility to your product.  If your eCover is poorly done, a lot of people will think the product itself is sub-par.  If your eCover is especially attractive, it will make it seem like your product has a higher value.  A good e…

Using the Law of Attraction to Bring Wealth and Happiness

Using the Law of Attraction to Bring Wealth and Happiness
Whether you believe there are cosmic energies that can bring you wealth and happiness, or you think that’s just a bunch of baloney, the principles that the law of attraction is based on can help you get through many ups and downs that come along with being in the Internet marketing industry.
The law of attraction is basically a theory that claims that whatever you think about on a regular basis becomes attracted to you like a magnet.  If you consistently have a negative attitude, bad things will continue to happen to you. 
The more bad things happen to you, the more negative your attitude generally becomes.  The opposite is also true.  People who always seem to have a positive outlook attract good things into their lives. 
Because their lives are filled with good things, their attitude stays positive and more good things continue to enter their lives.  If you look at the law of attraction simply from a logical standpoint, it…

Triggering a Flood of Testimonials

Triggering a Flood of Testimonials
Testimonials are an important part of any sales letter.  Testimonials are types of social proof, which may help buyers trust a product more.  Although some people have become suspicious of testimonials, they can still be extremely important in convincing other people to buy.
But getting testimonials can be difficult.  In general, people are lazy.  They don’t usually provide feedback unless it’s negative, or unless you ask for it. 
You shouldn’t offer money as an incentive for people to offer testimonials, because then they become “paid testimonials.”  People tend to distrust testimonials that people are paid for, because some people are perfectly willing to lie about a product if they’re paid to do it.
Instead, you should offer some small token of your appreciation, just as a “thank you” to those who take the time to write a testimonial for you.  It might be a free report, a link from your site to theirs within the testimonial box, or a coupon for …

To Build a Business, You Have to Build a List

To Build a Business, You Have to Build a List
            Here’s another phrase you’ll grow sick of: The gold is in the list.  You might get weary of hearing it, but it’s smacking you in the face for a reason – it’s the truth!  First of all, let’s answer the question, “What is a list?”
            A list in Internet marketing terms is a database of contact information for your prospects.  So if you have a product or promote products about gardening and I sign up for your list, I’m a prospect that you can market to repeatedly until I unsubscribe.
            So why is building a list so important?  Let’s say you start off as an affiliate marketer.  You find a niche you truly enjoy and you start working what you’ve learned into some traffic for your affiliate links.
            Over a period of 30 days, you funnel 5,000 prospects from the World Wide Web who are interested in your niche straight through your affiliate link to the product owner’s site. 
They even buy – yea! You’ve made …

The Wonderful World of Web 2.0

The Wonderful World of Web 2.0
Web 2.0 is a term that’s often misused.  Some people use the term to refer to a particular style of graphics design, but that’s not what web 2.0 is really about.  Web 2.0 is all about user-generated content. 
This means the visitors to your site generate the majority of the content on the site, as opposed to the site owner or writers creating the content.  A perfect example of web 2.0 is Squidoo.  Squidoo is a social network, which is a type of web 2.0 site. 
Although the site does post some of its own content, such as the lensmaster tip blog, the vast majority of the site was built by individuals creating their own pages within the site.  When a user signs up to the site, they’re allowed to position themselves as experts on anything from A-Z (they even have a separate section for R and X rated pages that are kept from the general G-rated public). 
They create a unique page on the Squidoo domain, with all sorts of information about their niche topic.…

The Golden Rule of Online Marketing: Thou Shalt Not Spam

The Golden Rule of Online Marketing:
Thou Shalt Not Spam
            A lot of non-marketers think of marketers as nothing but spammers.  It’s easy to understand why. We all get mountains of spam emails o a daily basis – regardless of whether or not we gave out the email address.
            But unless you want to be prosecuted and condemned for sending spam emails out, you’ll want to take precautions to be careful about who you email and why.  Spam is defined as unsolicited email messages that are sent out to the masses.
            True Internet marketers don’t mess with spam because it hurts their credibility, risks their accounts, and doesn’t convert as well as targeted, welcomed email does.  You can have your ISP ban you for sending spam, and you can lose your autoresponder account, too.
            It’s far better to use an opt-in form where people willingly enter their first name and email address.  In fact, it’s best to utilize the double opt in option most autoresponders prov…

The Difference Between a Long and Short Tail

The Difference Between a Long and Short Tail
Long tail is a big buzzword in marketing these days.  The term “Long Tail” was initially coined in 2004 by Chris Anderson in an article in Wired magazine.  The term was initially used to describe the niche business strategy that is used by companies like Amazon
Marketers are now using the term to describe the phenomenon that “long tail keywords” could get more traffic combined than the broader, more general keywords.  For example, let’s say the keyword “dog training” gets approximately 2,420 searches per day. 
Then you start looking at the long-tail keyword phrases for that niche – dog training collars, dog potty training, dog training careers, and so on. When you add up all of the long-tail keywords, which are easier to dominate in the Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), it equals more traffic than if you simply went after Dog Training.
If you have 10,000,000 websites competing for the term “dog training,” but only 361,000 com…

Text Links Versus Image Ads

Text Links Versus Image Ads
Most visitors pass through one of two types of links.  Text links are when you string together a word, phrase or sentence that’s hyperlinked to another domain.  Image ads are things like banners, button, and pictures - graphical images that are hyperlinked with a URL.

Both types of links have their benefits and drawbacks.  Which type you use will be based on your site and your traffic - and you should ideally test both types to see which performs best with your particular demographic.  

In general, text ads tend to pull a lot more clicks than image ads, because people have become “banner blind.”  That means people have learned to ignore banners, because they know they’re ads.

Text ads are a part of every website, so they’re harder to ignore.  This is one reason why AdSense is so successful.  Of course, some sites could benefit from a few image ads.  If your site is primarily text, you might be able to make it look more appealing through the use of a few g…

Testing Conversion Rates

Testing Conversion Rates
Split testing is the process of testing conversion rates by sending traffic to multiple versions of a sales page or squeeze page.  This can be done manually, or it can be automated with software.  The important thing is to have a very good tracking system in place.
What should you split test?  Almost everything should be tested!  You should test at least two versions of your headline all times, at least two different price points, and at least two different calls to action. 
You might also test multiple versions of your sales copy, different graphics on your sales page, and even different product names. Why should you split test?  Split testing is a way to tweak a page for the best possible conversions. 
Very few people achieve maximum conversion rates for the first version of their sales letter.  And minor changes can have a huge impact on your conversions! A 1% change in conversation may not sound significant, but it’s not so small if you think of it in t…

Tangible Product Promotions

Tangible Product Promotions
            Tangibles are shunned by many Internet marketers who don’t want to deal with physical goods. It can be a nightmare if you factor in the nuisance of packaging and shipping, stocking of inventory, and suppliers.
            There are three ways you can deal in tangibles if you want to focus solely on those or supplement them with your digital download links.  The first is to become a seller of tangible yourself.
            This will most likely mean selling on eBay, but sometimes a marketer goes off on their own and launches a website to sell the goods from.  You’ll be plagued with making sure you have enough inventory on hand, and if an order comes through, it will be your job to box it up, take it to the post office, and ship it out.
            If the customer doesn’t receive the goods, you should be able to verify proof of delivery.  In some instances, you’ll have to accept returns on the products, and won’t always be able to resell it depen…

Social Networking on Squidoo

Social Networking on Squidoo
Squidoo is a remarkable resource for Internet marketers.  It’s what’s considered a web 2.0 site that allows users to create “lenses,” which are individual pages situated on the domain that promote a specific topic. 
You may be wondering what’s so great about that, when thousands of other sites allow you to do the same thing.  But Squidoo is unique.  Not only do they make it incredibly easy to create a web page, ripe with graphics, content, and interactivity, but they allow - and even encourage you - to use the page to make money (very different from the marketing ban you face on MySpace).
A few other web 2.0 sites allow a minimal amount of marketing to take place, such as HubPages. But they’re far stricter about the number of outgoing links you can have, and they have other rules, which make it harder to use the site for your own personal profiting potential. 
Squidoo is actually far more conducive to making real money than any other site tha…

Should You Stick or Quit

Should You Stick or Quit?
Seth Godin is a well-known marketer who wrote a little book called The Dip: When to Quit and When to Stick.  The book talks about when you should keep working at something, and when you should just give up and call it a day.
Seth says the common saying about winners never quitting and quitters never winning is just wrong!  Sometimes winner do quit, and sometimes quitters really do win.  It’s about knowing when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em and in the Internet marketing industry, this is a lesson we all must master.
Whenever you start a new project, it’s usually very exciting.  It’s fun, it’s new, and it’s a lot easier to stick to.  After awhile, the project starts to lose your interest.  It starts to get boring, and then it gets a lot harder to stick to. 
A Dip is only temporary.  If you keep working at it, you’ll break through it.  But sometimes it’s what Godin calls a Cul-de-Sac, which won’t get better.  You could try and try and you’d never make it out…

Should You Provide Proof with Screen Shots

Should You Provide Proof with Screen Shots?
Screen shots can be an excellent way to convince people to buy a money-making product, but there are some things you should consider before you do it.  It’s not always the best choice to offer screen shots as proof.
One major thing to consider is the FTC.  Any earnings claims you make must be backed up with verifiable proof.  This means you should keep extremely accurate records about your earnings, and you should be prepared to offer this information to the FTC if you’re ever investigated. 
Don’t automatically assume you’ll never be investigated.  All it will take is a few buyers to complain that they didn’t make the same $50,000 in two months that you claimed you made and you really might be investigated.  Always have proof to back up any claims you make. 
The screen shots themselves aren’t enough, because the FTC knows those can be faked.  You might have to provide affidavits, bank account records, and tax records.  So make sure you rea…

Setting Up Your Internet Marketing Home Office

Setting Up Your Internet Marketing Home Office
If you’re new to Internet marketing, you may not yet have everything you need for your home office.  Many people find they work better after they have all of the things they need for their business.  Productivity can really go up if your office is equipped properly – even if it’s nothing more than a laptop and convenient Internet connection.
A computer and Internet connection is the most obvious thing you’ll need.  It doesn’t matter if your computer is a PC or Mac.  Either will work just fine for your marketing efforts.  Just keep in mind that most Internet marketing software is created for the PC, so if you have a Mac, you may need to make sure you can also run Windows programs on it by using a Windows emulator, or installing Windows on your Mac. 
Your computer doesn’t have to be a high-end model unless you intend to do a lot of extreme graphics work or video editing.  Most Internet marketing tasks can be accomplished well even on syst…

Setting Up a Squeeze Page

Setting Up a Squeeze Page
A squeeze page is a web page that’s used for the purpose of getting people to opt in to your newsletter or mailing list by entering their name and email address.  A squeeze page generally doesn’t have as much copy as a sales letter, but most squeeze pages have some teaser text and bullet points.
Increasingly, video is being used in place of text on squeeze pages.  Most text-based squeeze pages consist of a headline, a short paragraph or two of copy, a few bullet points, and an opt-in box – all “above the fold,” meaning the reader doesn’t have to scroll to continue reading. 
Some squeeze pages will also have graphics, including a header and footer, and perhaps other graphics such as an eCover for a free report that’s being given away as a reward for opting in. First, you need to create a basic HTML page. 
You can do this using a WYSIWYG editor, which should make it easier for beginners.  WYSIWYG stands for “what you see is what you get.”  A WYSIWIG HTML ed…

Repeat Revenue with Membership Sites

Repeat Revenue with Membership Sites
Many Internet marketers are turning to membership sites as a way of earning recurring cash.  Membership sites can be great for bringing in money month after month, with very little extra work required to maintain them.
A membership site is a site that’s password protected, and generally requires users to pay a monthly fee.  Most membership sites are protected by special scripts that handle the managing of the usernames and passwords of members.  They also take care of canceling members whose payments don’t go through, or members who cancel manually.
Starting a membership site is relatively simple.  You need a script, a billing provider, and content.  The script will generally take care of the billing, member management, and protection of the members’ area. 
All you need to do is set up the script, add a billing provider such as PayPal, and add content to the members’ area. One thing to keep in mind with regards to billing is that if you use PayPa…

Putting Your Website on Audio Autopilot

Putting Your Website on Audio Autopilot
Audio is a very powerful selling tool.  Some people aren’t very good at reading, or really hate to read, but they don’t mind listening as they multi-task.  Using audio on your site is a great way to capture attention and sell to people who really can’t stand reading long sales pitches.
Audio instantly captures attention.  Some people see this is a bad thing, because audio can be very startling if someone has their speakers turned up loudly and aren’t expecting a verbal pitch.  This is why some marketers choose not to have their audio start automatically, but have a “ply” button instead. 
Other marketers say audio loses its power if it’s optional.  It’s probably better to test both options on your site to see which performs better for you. Audio is also very good for selling to the vision impaired.  A lot of people with vision impairment use the Internet frequently.  By adding audio to your sites, you’ll make it easier for them to understand yo…

Networking with Other Online Marketers

Networking with Other Online Marketers
The Internet marketing industry is an isolating career at times. You work from home, usually on solo projects, and except for the occasional forum and chat room participation, you don’t have the opportunity to interact with others.
Some newbie ‘net marketers take it to an extreme level of isolation, never branding their name, watching forum posts from the sidelines, too scared to put themselves out there for judgment in the marketplace.
But networking will help you make big gains as an online marketer.  First and foremost, it helps you brand your name in the marketplace. You’ll always want to participate in the Internet marketing niche, even if it’s not the niche you’re making money with.
The reason for this is because you can find potential Joint Venture partners who are in the same (or a complementary) niche as you. These relationships and bonds you build with other marketers could serve you well in the future.
Within your moneymaking niche, …

Navigating Your Cpanel and Hosting

Navigating Your Cpanel and Hosting
This is a beginner’s tutorial to using Cpanel to manage your web hosting account.  We can’t cover every single thing that Cpanel can do, because it’s just too complex.  It’s so complex that many people are afraid to even use it. 
It can certainly be a bit scary for anyone who hasn’t used it before.  Technical people pick it up pretty quickly, but non-technical people usually stick to using only the most basic features to avoid confusing themselves.
Let’s go over some of the most common things you may need to use it for.  First, you can add a domain to your hosting account.  After you log into Cpanel, click “Addon Domains.”  Where it says “New Domain Name,” enter your domain name with the format 
Then add the name of the subdirectory and username you want to use as your FTP login.  This will be the directory where your website is stored on the server, and also your FTP username.  Use something easy to remember, but not “yourdoma…

Moving a Blog to Your Own URL

Moving a Blog to Your Own URL
Many people start their blogs on hosted platforms.  Hosted blogging solutions can be a good way to start, because they’re free and they’re generally trusted in the search engines.  But there are perils associated with hosting a blog on someone else’s server.
For one thing, you’re at the mercy of the owner of the platform.  Blogger has been known to delete blogs without warning, simply because they felt the blog was too much like spam or too commercial. 
WordPress doesn’t allow affiliate links to be used on their blogs, so making money by hosting a blog on their servers is difficult. Ideally, you should start your blog on your own server, preferably in the root of the domain. 
Some people have their blog in a subdirectory, such as  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but putting your blog on its own domain can have special benefits. For one thing, a root domain often ranks better in the search engines than a subdirectory. 
Putting …

Merging Your Affiliate Offers

Merging Your Affiliate Offers
            If you launch your Internet marketing business as an affiliate marketer, then you’ll want to know how to merge your offers to play off of one another.  On eBay, it’s called cross-promotion.
            You go to an eBay auction for an iPod and find cross-promotions of all sorts of accessories, battery packs, and bling they can add onto their order.  You can do the same with an affiliate business.
            Let’s say you want to promote work at home opportunities – like Internet marketing to stay at home moms.  First, you start with an eBook promotion about affiliate marketing.
            It’s broad, it fits a large demographic – and it converts well.  What else could the stay at home mom – soon to be entrepreneur need that you can sell?  Think of her personal situation.
            She has kids running around the house, she may have limited space, and she’s in need of a home office.  You could promote affiliate items through Amazon that c…